May 19, 2009

quick update from a sad bloke

I haven't played much over the past weeks due to various stuff, hence little posting. I do tend to post more when I am winning, and post less when I am losing, due to my big ego, and sense of pride.

I can say that since starting playing online cash games some 7 months ago at 5nl and building up a healthy bankroll throughout those months, nothing has prepared me for the run I have had these weeks. I can't whine about it, just too boring, but I hope it comes to an end soon. As a wee taster, in the past 10k hands, I have had a full house no less than 5 times, and each time the opponent had quads, all for full stacks, AAv KK? busto etc.

As it has never happened to me before, I have no idea how long this can last, but so far its been running bad around 30k hands since the middle of April. Is that possible or am I kidding myself? Am I rubbish?


I will talk about my bet fold experiment next post.