May 19, 2009

quick update from a sad bloke

I haven't played much over the past weeks due to various stuff, hence little posting. I do tend to post more when I am winning, and post less when I am losing, due to my big ego, and sense of pride.

I can say that since starting playing online cash games some 7 months ago at 5nl and building up a healthy bankroll throughout those months, nothing has prepared me for the run I have had these weeks. I can't whine about it, just too boring, but I hope it comes to an end soon. As a wee taster, in the past 10k hands, I have had a full house no less than 5 times, and each time the opponent had quads, all for full stacks, AAv KK? busto etc.

As it has never happened to me before, I have no idea how long this can last, but so far its been running bad around 30k hands since the middle of April. Is that possible or am I kidding myself? Am I rubbish?


I will talk about my bet fold experiment next post.


  1. Hi. Can sympathise. Based on some of your post I seriously doubt you are rubbish. My game is in tatters right now and I can't win a thing. At least I know its mostly bad play! Sounds like you are just having bad case of variance. On recommendation I just bought Poker Mindset which is an excellent book. Discusses the 'reality of poker', downswings, tilt etc.

    According to 'mindset' authors - the big mistake most pokerees make is attaching attributes to 'downswings' - e.g. they have a natural endpoint

    Stick with it!

  2. Not to disparage your play, but downswings don't really exist for high volume internet players. I can pretty much guarantee that there are things that you are doing when you are winning that you are either not doing now or doing differently. First thing that always helps- tighten up pre-flop. If you have been reading any 2+2 lately, fuck those idiots because they mostly have nothing good to say. They think it's better to be a 2bb LAG than a 3bb TAG. Just seems like no one wants to be called a nit?

    Try not to focus on the big hands. They are easy targets, but they come up rarely over the course of a session and don't tend to be played very differently from player to player. Bottom line- while they certainly have a strong effect on a session, they don't mean squat over the course of a career. The game is won or lost in how you handle the small-medium pots, which are very frequent and easy to dismiss. Unless you are donking off big blinds by the hundreds with 20% equity on a full stack, this is just as true for you as it is for me.

  3. lorin, what do you mean when you say "big hands"
    do you mean aa-qq, or do you mean nut peddling?

  4. i am also a more than a little confused by your saying downswings dont exist for high volume players?????
    i never said i had a downswing, i'm just not winning, but even if i did, i am sure even the best players have them, regardless of volume.

  5. I meant downswing in the context of 'running bad'. I was also referring to losing with full houses as the big hands.