July 13, 2009

Full Tilt update and HUD

Full Tilt have updated their software, and I am not impressed.

Aside from the bugs within the new re-player, my AHK scripts no longer work, and they have stopped allowing observed hands to be viewed within the HUD, unless you are actually active and posting. (Fair enough I suppose, although I have never understood the whole data mining thing, it only takes about 50 hands or so to determine the basics of how someone plays, and do we really have any more time to dissect their leaks? If we play against them very often, we get that info anyway?). I just like the idea of seeing players stats who are already in my (legit) database. It's somewhat contradictory to my last post where I noted that I use the HUD less and less, but the VPIP/PFR stats are pretty vital for multi-tabling.

So still playing 6-max and staying down at 50nl for the month. Its been a bit swingy this week, but I am still confident in the game structure and player standard, which still continues to amaze me with the amount of strange plays/CR-all-in-with-air and such.

I will end the post with this hand, up against a 32/3 guy who fell into the typical bad player trap, slow play your big (but very vulnerable) hands, let your opponents catch up and have you crushed, and only then get it all in. Note we are playing 200bbs as I had just doubled up, as had he. No check raise on the flop, and note also the staged re-raising on the river. I mean, what else could I have had??

$0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em Cash Game, 6 Players

Poker Tools by Stoxpoker - Hand Details

BB: $99.80 (199.6 bb)
UTG: $44 (88 bb)
MP: $37.75 (75.5 bb)
CO: $50 (100 bb)
Hero (BTN): $97.15 (194.3 bb)
SB: $50 (100 bb)

Pre-Flop: Hero is BTN with Q of hearts A of hearts
2 folds, CO raises to $1.50, Hero calls $1.50, SB folds, BB calls $1

Flop: ($4.75) T of hearts 5 of hearts A of spades (3 players)
BB checks, CO bets $3.45, Hero calls $3.45, BB calls $3.45

Turn: ($15.10) 9 of hearts (3 players)
BB checks, CO checks, Hero checks
For my part, I am taking a small risk here giving the free card with the nuts 3 way, but I have position. I am in a difficult spot if board pairs as I won't want to build a big pot probably.

River: ($15.10) J of spades (3 players)
BB bets $15.10, CO folds, Hero raises to $41.50, BB raises to $67.90, Hero raises to $92.20 and is all-in, BB calls $24.30

Results: $199.50 pot ($3.00 rake)

BB mucked T of spades T of diamonds (three of a kind, Tens) and lost (-$97.15 net)
Hero showed Q of hearts A of hearts (a flush, Ace high) and won $196.50 ($99.35 net)


  1. Unless you have the deck totally crushed on the flop I agree that agaisnt most types it's probably correct to bet your strong hands 95%+.

    I agree re. the value of VPIP & PFR which are the most reliable indicator of a villains tendencies. Most other stats take a long time to converge to something useful and can influence you the wrong way. E.g. the 3-bet stat - if you only have a few 3-bet opportunities in your database.

    Even though I was data mining before a session - I don't think the removal of the observed hands option at FT is much of a problem. I definitely prefer trying to pay more attention to the number of hands they play etc. After around 20/25 hands you are already getting a good feel for what you are up against.

    Example - my last session a guy 3-bet me on 2 separate tables, 3 times in around 3 or 4 orbits. I thought he must be messing and was tempted to make a stand with 99. After a good bunch of hands his stats dropped to around 10/10 so I think it's fair to assume he probably had decent hands when he 3-bet.

    NH by the way and well played. Graph at the end of the month?

  2. Hey mate,

    In response to your comment on my blog...

    Yeah sadly that's all be thrown into chaos.

    I use Poker Shortcuts and they've done a "partial fix". Hotkey folding and pre-betting preflop work so essential things are there. It's not free though man unfortunately. (Link: http://www.windyhilltech.com/index.php)

    I'll be keeping an eye on the software forum on 2+2 so I'll let you know if anything about this comes up...

    Would you like to swap links? I've put you on my blogroll...