October 06, 2009

Why play donkaments

I have read in various mid to high stakes blogs (Steve Holden for example) about the swingy life of a Tournie pro. Clarkatroid posted an entry after his WSOP main event exit, and the whole thing makes me shudder.

To invest hours, if not days in some MTT, live or online, with a massive player pool, just to be in site of the final table, but then to have to gamble for your whole pile on a coinflip. Or to have some baseball cap brat runner-runner suckout on you with his all-in shove bluff as that dork did against Greg Raymor in 2006 when they were down to 25 players. Online or live it just isn't for me unless I did them for fun, or had some stake thing. (and I have won my share, both in sitngos and in MTTs)

Now I also invest hours in grinding cash, but when some little dogfart overshoves his pocket 4s v my 4bet AA and suksout on me, as happened to me today, as he is dragging the chips toward him in that smug little smile with a "ty ty" in the chatbox , at least I know I am still likely to get my money back from him, and some more, with the edge I have on the little gobshite. When same happens in a donkament I can only pack up and go away feeling like death. Plus, I can avoid getting it in on just a coinflip for full stacks if I so desire.

Tournies are fun, until you realise as you bubble you could actually win, and then the defeat hurts when that coinflip goes to them. Now I know all about $EV versus tEV, but nevertheless, I'll stick to cash thanks.


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  2. kind of feeling the same. I love playing MTTs but the crazies with the all in shoves with 85o and I have AA and have to call and they freaking hit two pair just makes me want to hurl. I think cash games is the way to go after I've spent countless hours playing MTTs only to make the final table a few times and we all know the top 3 is were the money's at.