October 03, 2013

Bout time I made a post

Yes, almost 2 years since I posted, I was living abroad for a bit, so didn't play, or I didn't have the urge / time, so didn't play much. In January I have started playing more again, this time more on Pokerstars than anywhere else, and mainly the deep stacked games, I just love the dynamic there.

Recently however I have started playing more 100bb tables and I will say that although it is a different game, the tables here are great, I just play a little tighter here.

Playing all 6max, and the graph below represents my progress, some of these hands are 2011, nothing in 2012, and the remainder, looks good although some of that is at lower stakes deep stacked as I learnt a game plan around playing with different stack sizes and short handed. Will likely be the last graph I post for another year, as I don't see the point, unless I can play 100k hands per month, which, at the moment, I can't.

My view on the games is they seem same as before, ie pre Black Friday, just with new countries replacing the usual fish and sharks!

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