December 29, 2008

Taking a Shot at 50nl

So having kept to my rule of 20k hands and 25 buy ins for next level, I have moved up to 50nl on Fulltilt where I am currently 7 or 8 tabling.

So far I have not noticed a huge difference between the 2 levels. There still seems the usual sprinkling of terrible players, probably just gambling or passing a few hours with a few dollars, a few multi-tabling regs and 2 or 3 short stackers. In terms of 3 betting, I have only seen 1 or 2 instances of squeeze play, or 3 bet positional bluffs which are more rare at 25nl.

The one big difference I have noticed is more “floating”, where a tricky player calls your pre-flop raise in position, with the intention of stealing the pot on later streets on a bluffy board. There is usually one of these types hanging around. The whole point about moving up in levels, aside from the money, is to learn from these more complex situations, so although frustrating when you get outplayed initially, its great learning. However there is, at most one player at any given table who will do this.

In terms of my win rate, I haven’t completed enough hands yet to go on about it. Also this time of year, where more people are relaxing and playing more leisurely may have an effect on your win-rate. I have seen a lot of blogs where the writers only seem to post their stats when they are winning, or have a winning month. So I will wait until I have at least 20k hands.

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  1. would be great to have details of your stats too.
    promising blog though, good luck