January 06, 2009

Poker Goals for this Year (2009)

Like most poker bloggers, I guess I should set out my aims and goals for this new year. So here goes…..

Immediate goals
Clear full bonus on Fulltilt (has to be done by end Feb 09)
Make 50nl my comfort zone and grind at least 20-30k hands, aiming for 4ptbb/100
Take a shot at 100nl

Long term (3-5months)
Try out another poker site once Fulltilt bonus done and get their bonus and rakeback
Multi table 100nl full ring comfortably (ahem)
Investigate the options of acheiving the Pokerstars Supernova status and its associated benefits by the end of 2009 as opposed to bonus whoring with rakeback through other sites.

By year end
Investigate the possibility of whether it is possible for me to make an income from this game, either at 100nl or 200nl. (I have other skills I can use to contribute further income) where I can avoid being a wage slave.

Lets see how it goes….

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