April 10, 2009

Shortstackers at 100nl

Short post to say I am finding it a bit of a grind these few days. Winrate still ok, but a grind. Not sure why, but perhaps its due to the amount of nitty regulars at Pokerstars, who stick to the 50bb tables. And I cannot blame them. The reason they do that, is because it’s very difficult to play many tables and then deal with the shortstackers.

I don’t know what to say about it, but I think it certainly is killing the game. People come to poker because they want action, and that is what all regular players need and want, to generate action. More players come, with more investment into the game, and so it continues.

The least attractive thing for a new player is to see some twat push bot folding with his minimum buy-in. Yeah I know shortstackers don’t care, after all, if they make money who cares right??? Well sure if you only want to play the game for 12 months, but this shitty strategy is growing like a rash and its killing the low stakes game. On a normal table, often there are up to 4 shortstackers on a 9 ring table at Pokerstars right now. It's impossible to play poker with that going on. Lorin Yelle (see short stack hero, one of the blogs I follow) loves this type of play, and you can get a glimpse into the mindset there. Imagine if eventually at a full ring game there are 8 shortstackers and just me, the full stack. Its me they rely on, not their playing skills or their fellow shortstackers. Like parasites.

Trying to keep my emotions out of the whole making money thing, but I seriously cannot understand how anyone can glean any pleasure of just sitting there push/folding without any post flop play. It’s the sheer selfishness and laziness of these people that irks me the most.
Just study law or accountancy or something boring like that if you’re too scared to stick your head above the parapet, and let the rest of us play some poker.

Selfish “fuck you” people = sign of the times


  1. Please read my open reply to your comment on my blog.

  2. Hi - I kind of understand your feelings about shorstacking but the reality is that pros play to the pay the bills. Lorins March win equates to £6,300 - tax free in the UK. If I thought I could achieve that and not have to do a 9-5 office job every day for the rest of the life - I could live with shortstacking.

    Personally I don't think shortstackers will ruin the game. There are too many people who want to play 'correctly' wiht a full stack and by all accounts many, many bad shortstackers. So far I make a a good return from the bad shortstackers at micros. Just table select and keep moving and you can laregly avoid them. I also fine the
    occassional gamble for 20BB spices up the game!!


  3. I almost forgot to mention that you will notice an incredible jump in SS skill level once you hit the NL200 mark and higher. As a rule, you can't find go SSers lower than this, because, well, they just wouldn't be there because they wouldn't have to be. The good ones at 2/4 and up and are simply vicious and should be avoided at all costs.

  4. Lorin, I have read your open reply, and posted a comment on your thread.

    Laff, I have no problem with all types playing, and if you can win any amount then hats off to you. My beef is with the sheer number of SSrs at the 100nl full ring tables at present.

  5. I'm afraid that for some reason, nothing ever came through. Could you re-post it please?

  6. I have reposted it. If it still doesnt come through let me know and i can email it to you.

  7. I missed the bit about you not sticking to the 50BB tables. If they're nitty, try to run over them. Fair play to Stars and others for giving us deepstack players a safer environment away from the SSers who are very entitled to play their way. I have no problem with SSing, or any other style. It's everyones money and we're all free to exploit the game in whatever (legal and ethical) way we can.