April 15, 2009

Shortstacking Post Pt2, Graph, Trying A New Strategy

My last post was replied to in a very detailed way, by an accomplished shortstacker which took me a bit by surprise. Nevertheless, it made me think a lot about what I said, and if you are interested I suggest you see the discussion at Short Stack Hero’s blog here.


He is someone I would like to meet one day, as I don’t really have any friends who like to talk about the game, its just me and the ‘puter. Girlfriend hates it, as do my family, so I have to avoid mentioning it most of the time. He’s one of the poker bloggers who does expand on thoughts within his post, rather than only talking about his winnings/losses. He is a winning player too, by the way.

Anyway……I want to try something different for in the run up to the end of the month. My results continue to surprise me. I am going to use the $861 I have won since the start of April to freeroll a bet fold experiment. I intend to bet fold every situation post flop, regardless of wether I am the PFR or not. So it will be a mixture of check-raises, check-folds, cont-bets, cont3bet/fold, and so on, on all streets. In other words, no calling, except preflop. It will include triple barrelling, regardless of my cards. It could be a disaster, and not usually my style of play, but I am prepared to risk 8 buyins as a “cost” for learning. Why? Because I cannot afford not to learn different mindsets/styles if I want to move off the 100nl milestone level.

I wanted to post the graph so we have a marker to refer to. And here it is.

Running at 4.2ptBB/100 over 10k hands at Pokerstars. I hope I don’t lose it all…..

Finally i have added a followers gadget to my blog. For some reason I get very few comments on my posts compared to others, I don't know why, but I have added that gadget just in case.

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  1. Hi - you got a follower! One of the few Scottish based poker players so is more interesting for me to watch your progress. I added your blog to my list. GL.