September 21, 2009

Love Hate Relationship with Poker

Yesterday was maybe the first time I really doubted whether I could cut it as a poker player. I had one of those sessions where everything went against me. I then looked at my stats and thought, WTF am I doing, as I lost 3buyins. I didn’t play bad, in fact there was only 1 or 2 decisions out of the 1000 hands I would play differently, but it was more the frustration of not being able to get over the variance. And I wasn’t sure if there was something obvious that I wasn’t doing, that I should be doing.

I cant be bothered with the after effects of poker after one of those inevitable sessions, I can’t stop thinking about it later in the day, and it stops me focusing on other stuff. As it was I went out with a good friend of mine, had a few drinks, and made a decision to play once I got home. So I got back home, fired up 6 tables at 1am, and won 4 buyins within around 600 hands. I am not saying that’s a good thing, but the fact was I knew I wouldn’t be able to be cool with poker again until I had tried to get the money back. And I think that isn’t such a good thing, despite the fact I now am sure I now have an edge at 100nl 6max.


Poker is the biggest headfuck ever. You can learn the best moves ever, but if you can’t deal with the swings (and I am not saying I can yet) I doubt you will progress.

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