September 17, 2009

Twoplustwo haters part 2

I think the 2p2 forum does offer some fantastic resource and helps the Internet player in particular on the daily grind. Some examples would be rakeback info, hand postings, strategy, scripting info.

There are however, a few things you need to keep in mind when reading/and/or posting the threads:

On the msnl threads, some of the strategy postings are plain nonsense. Take most with a pinch of salt. Read this for example of just a plain stupid post, and note how he backtracks a few posts later, as it's examined further here.

NEVER read the small stakes and/or mid stakes forum and then try to apply it to micro stakes. It won't work. An example is 4betting. If you think 3betting has gone crazy at msnl, just look at 400nl. 4betting is the new 3betting there. I would be certain if you 4bet light at msnl you will pay very dearly. (I know myself, I tried it unsuccessfully in April with a bet/fold strategy at 100nl, see my posts for that month if you are interested). If you are thinking on some high level and your opponent is only looking at his cards, or in love with top pair, you will just suffer from Fancy Play Syndrome and lose EV.

Don't think because the haters slag off a post, they are right. It is a sad trend, but there is a strong lobby of Cardrunner type slags who think they are the nuts, and everyone else outside their 21-year-old-dropoutiscool-college-brat-all-about-me-I-dont-give-a-fuck are just fish (That's their downfall by the way). They cannot think for themselves, and need some Stox winning mid stakes baller to show them how its done, and they blindly follow this line, without ever making their own ideas. Look how they lay into this guys tight/passive strategy ideas at 10nl here. He's thinking out of the box. Right or wrong, that is to be commended in a forum. (NB I noted this before here)

Finally, any Internet forum that encourages discussion always allows in the positively loathsome scum that have no use on earth and should just be taken round the back and executed. I leave you with this as an example, a guy who thinks its cool to reveal personal financial and private address details of Daniel Negreanu, just because "he doesn't like him".
What is scary is how easy it is to post this utter shite, even if it is not accurate.

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