December 02, 2009

Funny chat box stuff

I know many guys swear by the chat box "off" option, to avoid tilting when a drooler gets mouthy, but I think it's worth it always on, just to see the gloriously funny bits of conversation that come up during a session.

Thought I'd share this with you. I was not involved in the hand, but it went as follows:
CO raise, SB 3bet, BB cold call, CO 4bet, SB fold, BB call (he was a fish btw....)

flop is rags, BB check, CO bets 2/3 pot,BB call
turn is rag, BB check CO all in, BB call
CO had AA, BB had KKand is busted for around 130bb (pot was 270bb total roughly).
As he is sitting there, busto, BB says

CHARGERFANINBM: go f ur self
CHARGERFANINBM: like i did not know u had aces



  1. I like the way that nobody that plays poker it seems knows how to spell the word loser...

    looser?? What's a looser?