November 30, 2009

November results

Yeah, well, everyone wants to see everyone elses' graph, so here is mine.

I havn't been able to get the volume I want due to other things going on. Really not much point in posting a graph with less than 20k hands but.......

Actually quite happy with most of my decisions though, 1 or 2 silly mistakes but less and less as I carry on at 6max. Rakeback and bonuses take it to around $1100 at 4ptbb/100.

Really want to get 25k hands minimum in for the last month of the year if I possibly can.


  1. nice recovery and good to see you are continuing to improve at 6max. Shot at 200 in the new year methinks.

    Also thanks for the support and encouragement over the last few months!

  2. Funny to see that you put in some hands at midstakes games for some reason??

  3. icem, thats because I am looking to next year. I have to say that 200nl looks like it has some good tables, and even 400nl felt at times like I could have an edge at certain times of the day.
    Although taking shots is good, I am a bankroll nit however, and 100buy-ins for these stakes would be prefered for me. I am going to write a proper article soon on my own bankroll ideas and plan for these stakes towards the end of this year. (given that the blog is called bankrollbuilder, I think its about time I talked some more about it....)
    laff, thanks to you too, and for your own support to me