January 06, 2010

Charitable Poker

It never fails to surprise me when I see some of the card combos people are prepared to play online, especially when you realise it's all for real money. I just wonder how some of these droolers actually manage to dress themselves in the morning, never mind them being able to figure out the process of how to deposit money on a poker site. Some seem positively determined to just give their money to you, and it makes me wonder if they wouldn't get a little more satisfaction by donating this cash to some kind of charity or worthwhile cause, even going up to a random person in the street and handing them $100 would get a startled and happy reaction from them, which is surely superior to donating within the faceless environment of an online poker room.

As an example I illustrate with this hand. The worrying thing is, this type of thing isn't that unusual.

$0.50/$1 No Limit Hold'em Cash Game, 5 Players
Poker Tools by Stoxpoker - Hand Details
CO: $160.50 (160.5 bb)
BTN: $30.20 (30.2 bb)
SB: $204 (204 bb)
Hero (BB): $100 (100 bb)
MP: $80.10 (80.1 bb)

Pre-Flop: Hero is BB with A of diamonds A of spades
MP calls $1, CO folds, BTN folds, SB folds, Hero raises to $7, MP calls $6

Flop: ($14.50) Q of hearts T of hearts 9 of clubs (2 players)
Hero bets $10, MP calls $10

Turn: ($34.50) Q of clubs (2 players)
Hero bets $16, MP calls $16

River: ($66.50) 7 of diamonds (2 players)
Hero bets $54, MP calls $47.10 and is all-in

Results: $160.70 pot ($3 rake)
Final Board: Q of hearts T of hearts 9 of clubs Q of clubs 7 of diamonds
Hero showed A of diamonds A of spades (two pairs, Aces and Queens) and won $157.70 ($77.60 net)
MP mucked 5 of spades A of hearts (a pair of Queens) and lost (-$80.10 net)

He called the flop, turn and all-in on river with no pair and no draw, giving his stack to the BankofMBB, which I can assure you, is not a charity.


  1. hi, just found your blog and been reading all the post entries. some great help m8. one comment that made me think was

    'you only really know how good you are over 100k of hands I think, but who wants to spend 100k of hands at 10nl if they are winning consistently'

    well I play 10nl and over about 50k hands im beating it for 8ptbb/100. I only 2-4 table and average around 4-6k hands a month.

    Ive taken shots at 25nl and ran bad, tilted alittle. so moved back to 10nl. Thing is I have like 130 buyins for 10nl (lol) but still dont feel comfortable at 25nl. It would be great if you get any spare time to have a chat on msn about where I go from here. maybe I can run my game over you to see if I have any leaks that need sorting for 25nl.



    oh added you to my blog list btw.

  2. you were just lucky u had a better kicker ......LMAO.

  3. Hi mate, Rich (above) has recomended your blog on our regular forum.


    Just got through to June 2009, but should catch up today, very honest and refreshing read. The early comments toward at the start with Lorin have been quality.

    Linked you up, laters.

  4. rich
    send me an email with your details to the address top left
    vegas, thanks for your comments, i will get a read of your blogs shortly