February 20, 2009

Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

I started off playing sitngos online, and studied a lot, and even developed a basic formula which did fine for me. But I hated the frustration of having to get your money in usually on a coin flip, at least once in the game. Thats why I currently prefer cash games, where there is far more post flop action.

MTTs are glorified versions of the above, but chip accumulation is far more important than the TAG style I employed in the sitngos. A measured LAG style is what is going to get you deep as opposed to the Sklansky/Harrington style in my view. The blinds will simply destroy you, and you have to go into push fold mode like a sitngo, hoping that you will double up, and then go through it all again (push/fold) a few levels later.

Hansen’s book is a very interesting insight into a LAG style that eventually ends up winning the tournament described. All the commentary revolves around the cards dealt to the author, and the strategy employed therein. Although I do not particulary rate Gus Hansen as a great all round player, I don’t think that matters here. He avoids a load of boring lectures about how he plays no limit, and focuses entirely on the particular situation and opponent, which is why this book works so well. The most revealing parts are where he describes attacking the tight or timid players, and then dealing with the style oof the hyper aggressive and somewhat lucky chip leader on the final table.

Rating 7.5/10

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