February 08, 2009

50nl Downswing

Haven’t posted in a week, mainly due to feeling sorry for myself due to two awful sessions where I lost a total of 8 buy-ins. The problem is, I couldn’t really see where I played that badly, and that scares me a bit. I promptly made 4 buy-ins back, and aim to make the next 4 over the next couple of days. Generally my session pattern is 1 out of 3 or 4 being losing, and the amounts are usually the same, 800-1000hands, 1-2 buy-ins either way. So the graph is up in a healthy direction, until this awful week.

I am not sure what to do about finding out how I cold lose $500 in 1 week. I don’t talk to anyone about poker and I don’t tend to post specific histories, as I play so many hands in a session it’s the stats that seem to be more relevant. But my stats don’t seem to change. Except I have come slightly tighter pre-flop as my confidence became knocked, and haven’t double barrelled. As such I am sure I have been giving up the better hand a couple more times.

My stats currently at 50nl are 17/10/2.6. The reason the PFR is down at 10 is because of my 3bet experiment, (see 3bet post)

Any advice welcome.

Meantime, I will overcome this blip (the first I have had at 50nl) I hope, making the 4 buy-ins, and then take a deep breath and look back then.

I have also signed up to the free poker training using fulltilt points, requiring 7000 this month, to get free access to Cardrunners and Stoxpoker. It’s a good deal and one that I will easily achieve, and since I have never watched any training videos before, I am sure it will do me good.

Finally, I cleared my fulltilt bonus, so now rakeback has accelerated. Just considering whether to bonus whore Ultimate Bet and its very good rakeback/bonus programme.

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