June 28, 2009

Adventure into 6max

Thanks to a conversation with "havin a laff" I decided to have a go at 6max towards the end of this month. A couple of reasons for this:

-I have never tried it seriously before

-I am getting reeeeally bored sitting watching the set miners at FR and find I start stealing with trashier hands each orbit.

-As many have read in previous posts, I hate the short stackers that populate the FR tables, but I guess their "strategy" doesn't work for 6max as there appears to be far fewer of them.

To do this I dropped down a level to 50nl and am mucking around with 4 tabling at present. I have no idea whether the rakeback is better or is cancelled out by paying more blinds, but I am sure I will find out. So far I have played around 300o hands.

1 comment:

  1. And me thinking of trying FR too!!! Hope it goes well. No reason not to.