June 10, 2009

More notes on Short stacking betting strategy at 100nl

I haven’t seen a great deal of strategy articles about how to tackle the push bot short stackers, and I haven’t been that inclined to experiment with them until recently. By the way I’ve still to hear a convincing argument for trying it, but, as many have said, its here to stay and we cant ignore it.

The fact is, the juiciest tables remain the normal buyin tables (as opposed to a minimum 50bb tables, populated by many regs) and its silly of me to ignore the easier play there.

Up till recently I have been a religious follower of raising the same amount every time from all positions. In that way, no one can ever know what hand you are holding. And I would play 67s utg post flop the same way as if I had AA. (I don’t always raise 67s utg by the way)

On the tables populated by 20bb push bots and 20bb fish, this may be a losing strategy. (in fact I don’t think its optimal full stop at 100nl and below, because I don’t think people care what you might have or are representing). The push bot guy is gonna shove whether you have put in 2bb or 4bb with his AQ/66+ or whatever it is that these guys love, and the fish are gonna call regardless. So it gives an initial pot control and lets you get away easy from the push. Mixing up 2bb AA with 2bb 65s and 4bb AA and 4bb 65s is fine, although you need players to hang around the table for at least 200 hands to get into that line.

I have also spent a lot more time considering continuation bets, both my own, and others. Its clear to me players with 90%+ cont bet are very exploitable. Perhaps at 25nl and below, the fit fold line they take makes c-betting 100% of the time really profitable, but I think the dynamic has definetly changed at 50nl+, where good players have woken up to it as a straightforward betting line. Another area where BB can be saved/gained. All the books I read religiously preached about the cont bet, but because of that precisely, the straightforward player makes himself very predictable. Betting strategy related to board texture is far more profitable (bet value, bet bluff, check for pot contol, check to induce, etc etc), rather than bet bet bet.

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  1. WARNING! Don't lose sight of the fact that straightforward play is the best way to get the money. Basically, if you think a certain player will call a 5x overbet with a shit hand, DON'T bet the same amount that you always do because you are concerned that the better players are watching and soaking up information about you. Make the play that is appropriate for the situation!

    Also, if you believe that someone will only pay off a 2BB bet on the river just to see you what you have, but will fold to a 2/3 bet (yet feel compelled to bet that amount since that is what you always do on the river), make that 2BB bet!

    The biggest thing to remember is that poker is not a game ruled by the rational senses. Poker is played with greed, excitement, fear, humiliation, and pride, and THEN, lastly, intellect. People don't usually make bad calls because of a lack of intelligence or some brilliant bobbing and weaving on your part. They make them because those other emotions overwhelm their senses. This is why things like short stacking and limp re-raising work, though on paper, are utterly ridiculous and predictable.

    Please, PLEASE do not concern yourself with appearing unexploitable. Make the play appropriate for the situation and only mix in deception where necessary.