June 26, 2009

Ulimate Bet advice wanted, and Scum at the tables

Don’t know if there is anyone out there who could advise me on whether it is worth making the switch to Ultimate Bet from Fulltilt, but I am interested in their bonuses and have heard that the 100nl games are ok, although there are not many of them. Any comments greatly appreciated.

One other thing, I had the misfortune to sit at a table with one of the most repulsive individuals I have ever seen at FT the other day. This guy squeezed with trash, and then berated a guy who busted him playing perfectly decent poker in my view. Calling him all the names under the sun. He proceeded to pick on the guy 3betting him relentlessly and finally they got it all in with 2 high pairs preflop, his KK holding up against the others JJ (I think).

He proceeded to laugh in the chat box, and be a general piece of shit, after busting a player.

I looked him up and he's a big grinder, he had moved down from 400nl so clearly thought he was slumming it, above us micro players, and that the bet sizing wasn’t as important, due to the move down. He should know better.

It depresses me so much to see these classless lowlife hiding behind their keyboards thinking they can behave like trash. I would love to give his screen name out, but have decided against it. He was from Germany though. Most online players are pretty cool, but these scum ruin it.

Is it worth turning off the chat box, as others suggest? Up till now I have followed it because I think there are so many tells from fish people babbling away.


  1. my view , for what its worth , is turn it off.
    do not give them the satisfaction of even realising that they r saying anything . just let ur poker do the talkin and dont interact in any other way. regards , L4

  2. Hey man, I just found your blog via my blog roll, I'll add you to my blogroll, if you can do the same I'll be appreciate it. Keep up the grind.

  3. Hey dude, linked u up... nice profile pic! and BBJ = Bad Bead Jackpot