August 16, 2009

Dealing with bad beats

I really like to catch up with lots of poker blogs, and I love knowing there is a hidden community out there like me, struggling with this beautiful game. Especially just now as I am out of the country and not playing poker.

One thing that tends to make me switch off from some blogs is the bad beat seekers. I fail to see the point in droning on about the cooler hands. If you get it all in pre with AA v KK and get busted, the only reason to discuss that might be if it happened, like, 4 times in one session and how you might deal with that phsycologicaly.

Its just a fact of life that KK cracks AA around 20% of the time. It's as uninteresting as talking about suffering set over set as it is talking about it when you have the over set, or when your aces actually hold up. No one cares, because it has happened to all of us, and it will happen again and again and there is nothing we can do about it. Whining about it whether to others or yourself when you go to bed (or whatever) will start to induce tilt, and put you on a one way ticket to the bad beat jackpot heaven, where you can unchill out with your other high blood pressured bad beat seekers.

What we want to see and read is situations with variables (and set v set, or AA v KK in 3 bet pot has virtually no variables, as the money is going in no matter what). We are talking meta game preflop 4betting, and turn and river play for example. Some players opt for 1 way and others for another, either can be right, and either can change depending on players and histories. Here is where the beauty, the Zen, lies.

In conclusion it's absolutely clear to me, and something I have rarely seen highlighted, that the better you are the more badbeats you will have inflicted on you, and the less sukouts you will inflict on others. Its the only downside of near optimal play.

Finally I would like to thank Matthew Pitt (Yorkshire Pud) for his review of my blog here.

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