March 18, 2009

2plus2 community - nasty?

I read quite an unusual strategy in the 2plus2 forum for playing a tight passive game at the micros, 50nl and below. What interested me was not the post itself, although there were some honest and somewhat original ideas, but the sheer nastiness of some of the replies to the poster, who, to his credit, continually stuck to his guns to defend the strategy.

As a winning player (so far anyway), I couldn’t see anything so bad about some of the concepts, and I was interested in another point of view. There was a hint it could be a joke, but I am not so sure, as the poster keeps coming back for more.

There’s an unpleasant arrogance to some in the poker community, especially regs who post a lot and think their super ace TAG strategy that they have read in all the books and videos (so it must be right) is the nuts. Most of them are break-even rakeback superstars I will wager. Not sure I belong there.

You can read the post and thread here.


  1. Interesting that you decided to share this, as I am planning a future blog post called "The Problem With Forums." Their is too much of a cultish air to the philosophies espoused there. There seems to be Slansky-bots, Harringtonites, and Durrrrians, and they all tend to be equally offensive to one degree or another. I simply suggest reading all of the material out there, absorbing it, forgetting it, and then developing a style that suits your own strengths.

    Thanks for following my blog!!

  2. absolutely. one of the biggest winners at the tables i play has a 25/11 style which flies in the face of all the HUDbots who would murder his lack of preflop raising.

    your blog's great lorin, loads of opinion to discuss.