January 11, 2009

The 3bet Pot at 50nl

I am trying out a rather crrrrazy new strategy at the moment. All you guys are gonna shout TAG TAG TAG NIT NIT Nit.

When I get 3 bet and I am OOP, I do something really uncool in today's aggressive games, unless I have KK or AA………I fold!!!!!

TT-QQ…..fold, AK….fold.

Implied odds with 98s?…fold.

Set mining 100bb with 33? Fold.


Because whilst there are plenty of players 3 betting with TT-QQ, AK-AJ etc. and whilst I may be flipping in a lot of situations…..I don’t care!!

I am gonna have the opportunity so often to get it all in as such a bigger favourite so many more times I don’t need the variance.

If I am playing 600nl and I am the fish at the table, well that’s a different story, I am going to take any coin flip going, but at 50nl, I am happy to let it go.

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