January 26, 2009

Fish at 50nl

I have read lots on the so-called glory days of online poker, I am guessing from 2004-2006, before I played online. I see the words like “crushing” and “donk-fest” used, as if all that is passed and now poker is filled full of good players.

The more I play 50nl the more I see this is nonsense. There seems to be, at Fulltilt any way, at least 3 players at each full ring table playing a 35/5 game. Many are above 50% seeing flop. They limp, you raise from button, they call. On and on they do it, still they lose, occasionally they suck-out (drive you mad when they hit 2 pair with their J2suited against your 3 streets of value betting with AJ), but all in all they seem to want to just give away their cash.

Today I was stacked as I had KK in the bb and my button stealing opponent 4bet me all in with AA. Next hand I had QQQ beaten by a fish who thought JJ was AA and ended up catching the straight by the river, us all in on the flop. So 200bbs down in 2 consecutive hands. Gritting my teeth, I grinded it all back within 2 hours and 800 hands, I had rubbish cards, never hit a set and I don’t feel I played that well. I was just handed the cash back by the aforementioned fish. So a break even session.

But I am cool with it. I just don’t get where they come from or what they must be thinking.

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