March 29, 2009

Adjusting To Player Types

There are some things I do against certain players that changes with others. Thought I would give an example here, in a fairly bizarre hand played the other day.

$0.50/$1 No Limit Hold'em Cash Game, 9 Players

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UTG+2: $109.70 (109.7 bb)
MP1: $56 (56 bb)
Hero (MP2): $229.85 (229.9 bb)
MP3: $215.25 (215.3 bb)
CO: $152.15 (152.2 bb)
BTN: $143.20 (143.2 bb)
SB: $43.65 (43.7 bb)
BB: $115.05 (115.1 bb)
UTG+1: $104.60 (104.6 bb)

Pre-Flop: Hero is MP2 with Q of diamonds A of spades

UTG+1 folds, UTG+2 folds, MP1 folds, Hero raises to $3.50, MP3 folds, CO folds, BTN folds, SB calls $3, BB calls $2.50

I am not happy about being called in 2 places here. AQ in a 3 way pot is not great, although I am last to act on all streets.

Flop: ($10.50) 6 of diamonds A of diamonds 3 of diamonds (3 players)

SB bets $7, BB calls $7, Hero calls $7

Decent flop for me as I have top pair with decent kicker. I also have the second to nut flush draw. SB donk bets and BB flat calls. Now here is where the adjustment is made, depending on the player types. Almost always here I am raising a significant amount, as against any decent players, I am looking at a set, and a flush draw, and possibly, from the SB by their betting, having flat called a preflop raise, AK or AJ. With a 4bet all in to my raise I am given a tough decision between a set and a flush draw with straight potential. Possibily even a reluctant fold.
However the player types here are 2 weak players. SB is a maniac 73/10 over 54hands and BB is a calling station 23/7 over 330 hands. So I decide to flat call, as I have simply no idea where I am at, and I want to pot control as well as observe the next streets betting as I have position

Turn: ($31.50) 2 of spades (3 players)

SB bets $5, BB calls $5, Hero calls $5
An extremely weird bet confirms SB is on either a draw or weak holding, and BB is on weak ace, draw, or complete monster slow play. I flat call again, as I have no idea

River: ($46.50) 4 of hearts (3 players)
SB bets $10, BB calls $10, Hero calls $10

SB bets around fifth pot and BB flat calls. I feel sick, as I am sure I am beat (by SB) but have odds of 7-1 to call. Just like in a limit situation its almost impossible to fold. I know I have BB call station beat as by now I am sure he has a weak ace. But the SB superdonk, well he could have 2 pair, the straight or ……?

Results: $76.50 pot ($3 rake)

Hero showed Q of diamonds A of spades (a pair of Aces) and won $73.50 ($48 net)

SB showed T of hearts 9 of hearts (high card Ace) and lost (-$25.50 net)
BB showed A of clubs 8 of diamonds (a pair of Aces) and lost (-$25.50 net)

So in this situation I made an assessment of the situation on the flop and decided to stick with it based on the type of players in the pot. I decided I was in a way ahead way behind situation and just called the hand down on all streets in position. Something I would never ever do against stronger or aggressive opponents. As a foot note SB bet out on all streets 3 way with no draw and no pair with both his opponents calling. Quite amazing really.

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