March 11, 2009

Thinking about Moving Up

My 3bet experiment over (see this post), and I am calling their 3bets like a maniac. Actually I am calling certain players like a maniac, regs and the odd donkey. Regs who I have a history with, I will call light with speculative holdings like JTs as well as monsters. So far its been profitable, with the exception of calling one fish’s 3bet instead of 4betting him with my KK. He flops the nut flush and ends up busting me with us playing deep. Annoying thing is he proceeds to donk the whole $260 to the rest of the table over the next 100 or so hands.

I have also been experimenting with my own 3betting, as I want to take a shot at 100nl this month, now that my bankroll is more than adequate for it. Without being comfortable or having some kind of 3betting approach to the game, I do not think it’s sensible to move up, as the aggression surely increases up the levels. That said I did my first quick session at 100nl this morning with 4 tables. I couldn’t really see a huge difference with 50nl, as the usual 50/6/2, 45/29/8 and 16/1/0.5’s were scattered around each table. I also was surprised to see how many notes I had on lots of players, most of which, over my database sample were losing players. Seems I have been slow to move up??

I am running at 4ptbb/100 this month for 50nl, and that is including an awful series of coolers at the start of the month, so i am happy with my play. Last month was 2ptbb/100. I really would like to do the whole month at 50nl to achieve this win rate for the whole month, but this is probably a pride thing on my part. Better to move up sooner, if there isn’t much difference and I am comfortable and rolled.

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