March 24, 2009

Moving to 100nl

So I have played around 6k hands at 100nl, starting at 4 tables and now at 8. I am playing a nitty game, around 13/10, as opposed to my previous stats at 50nl of 16 or 17/11. I am just a wee bit of a scaredy cat when I move up.

As for the play, it seems to suit my game a little better. Things appear more polarized, and I find it easier to find out where I am.

I have been running ok, and have not so far run into any huge coolers. I think my aces have held up, and I sucked out once with KK v AA.

The most encouraging thing however is how many truly awful players there are. Splashing their money around, usually 1 or 2 per table.

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