March 26, 2009

Approach to Multi-tabling

I think of myself as a winning person. I am confident about the majority of the things I do. I am not arrogant, I just believe in my abilities, and I work hard at things I put my mind to. I think everyone should have this ethic. My approach to poker typifies this. I think I am able to win. So if I am not winning, for whatever reason, I go crazy and work my ass of to figure out how that is, and do something about it. I certainly don’t put it down to bad luck, as we all have equal doses of good and bad luck.

With that in mind I am faced with an interesting choice. I am certainly good enough I think to aim for a 24 tabling rakeback pro approach to the game which will net me a safe income over the next year if I choose to go that way. (At present I play 800 hands per day after I finish working. I work for myself by the way, and the aim would be to up this to 2400 hands and ultimately 4800 by playing 4 hours per day, 2hours very early in the morning v USAdonks, 2hours in evening v Eurodonks)

I also believe however I am good enough to go beyond the 200nl ceiling (eventually) and play at 1000nl and beyond. (note I have never even played beyond 100nl so I am happy to have someone enlighten me)

But I do not think I can do both. In order to reach 1000nl, HUDS AHK and all the other little tools we use become more and more redundant as the thinking becomes more advanced. To 24 table, you have to have a robotic approach to the game, which certainly plateaus at 200nl in my view.

So I am not sure over these coming months to aim for a 24 table unambitious but (I hope) relatively safe approach to the game as I take it more seriously, or continue to 6-8 table and learn my game and the players more thoroughly, and move through the levels and take shots.

The danger of setting up for supernova et al is, having read other’s blogs, it appears to become a kind of obsession, be it 24 tabling, achieving bonuses, or bigger and bigger hand volumes. But are these guys getting better?

Food for thought…….

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