March 31, 2009

March 2009 Review

After continuing to run bad through the start of March, I kept discipline and didn’t spew, as I think I did in February. By the second week my results improved and at the end of week 2 I decided to try 4 tabling 100nl. I played very conservatively as I am a bit soft, but by the end of the month, 8 tabling comfortably, I have found the increased level to suit my style.

I only managed 20k hands for some reason (last month I played 27k). I played 10k hands at 50nl for 6.2ptbb/100 and 10k hands at 100nl for 5.9ptbb/100. I tightened up my game considerably (4% less VPIP) and increased my agression factor.

Here is my graph….

I hope I ran reasonably average although I only had 1 flush over flush and 1 set over set coolers at 100nl. My aces held up against kings, and I made 3 terrible calls where I was busted by a)set v my AA deep-stacked on flop b)quads v my flush c)made stupid play where I had 97s v set in a 3 bet pot with me in position.

winnings $1862

rakeback $250

Overall $2012

Looking beck at what I said at last months review;I exceeded my goal of 3ptbb/100 for 50nl, although I did not do a whole month at that level.

Goals for April

I shall try Pokerstars 100nl in April. Add 2-4 new tables for 10-12 tabling and integrate AHK. 4ptbb/100 hands. (is 6pt/100 sustainable? Or have I just been lucky?)

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