March 02, 2009

February 2009 Review

Well after a terrible run of 10 buy-ins down, as a result of part horrible bad luck and part bad play, I examined the bad play part mid way through the month and came to the conclusion I was making way too many river crying calls. I was also overplaying my overpairs. Finally I was not 3 betting.

The latter part of the month saw me recouping all the losses, and ending the month scraping by on just below 2ptbb/100 over 30k hands. Not great considering how big a heater I started off the month with.

My lessons for the month, all of which an ongoing learning process continues of course:

Learning to smell sets from nits (don’t know how I am going to do it with the calling stations and fish however)
Learning to let river bets by opponents have the benefit of the doubt if I have a weak holding
Learning to 3bet profitably as a bluff (as opposed to value)
Learning to value bet on river correctly
Learning to let TPTK and overpairs go when my instinct tells me I am beat
Raise more often, call less.

For March I hope to make 3ptbb/100 at 50nl and have at least a shot at 100nl. At the end of March I hope to have at least investigated moving to Pokerstars or UB and substituting rakeback for FPPs. Although rakeback at fulltilt seems good, maybe I should stay there, I made $250 in rakeback this month before any winnings are accounted for.

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